Movie Review : ' The Last Man '

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Television is quickly replacing film as the go to form of media when adapting a comic book or novel. Sure, you can write a film based on a book or comic and have it be great, but if it 's a lengthy property, that means that a lot of stuff will get cut out. Do you know how fantastic it would be if Harry Potter was adapted for a television series? The books are huge, and although the movies are great, I think that if they adapted the books into a television format, it could have been even better.

There are still a lot of comic books and novels that could be adapted for television. These are just a few I thought that should be adapted for television.



This graphic novel series has been in development hell for years. At one point, Shia Lebeouf was attached to star as Yorick in a film adaptation, but thankfully that disastrous idea fell through. With 60 issues, a movie would have to cut out a lot of stuff to fit in such a rich story, so the film route would feel like a let down if you 're a fan of the comic.

What would make this television worth is the fact that each comic feels like an episode of television. The series has a satisfying beginning, middle and end to work with. It 's not The Walking Dead where the characters go through the same plot over and over and over again. With Y: The Last Man, all the men on the planet have seemingly vanished. Yorick must travel around trying to figure out what happened with people he meets along the
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