Movie Review : The Movie ' Right Away '

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Taking a first look at the movie, The Campaign directed by Jay Roach with starring actors like Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakas one would think that the movie right away is a comedy. It is a hilarious movie there is no argument about that. Will Ferrell who plays congressman Cam Brady and Zach Galifianakas who plays Marty Huggins go head to head as they run for office to represent the city of Hammond, North Carolina. Throughout the race to be elected Cam and Marty pull of comical stunts to hurt and prevent the public from voting for each other on election day. The viewers of the movie see these actions taken by Cam and Marty as amusing but when you look deeper and past the funny moments the film is criticizing actual politics in America. Many of the ridiculous things that happen throughout the movie also took place with people in office and even presidents of the United States. One way that this movie parodies real-life politics emerges from a scene where Cam Brady is running unopposed and is in court registering for the ballot. While he is in the court room he shows his campaign manager a picture of himself and the picture was of a part of his body only males have. He then goes on to tweet the picture to a female he is talking to. This is almost identical to a situation that took place in New York. A member of the United States House of Representatives named Andrew Weiner experienced a sexting scandal. Weiner also sent a sexually inappropriate picture on his twitter
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