Movie Review : The Movie Trailer

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The movie trailer which will be analyzed in this essay is titled “Furious 7” or otherwise known as “Fast and Furious 7”. It is part of the Fast and Furious film series. The movie is due to be released April 3rd 2015. Movies all have different characteristics that follow a certain genre. Genre can be defined as “groups of texts that share a set of conventional characteristics such as content, narrative structure and visual style are classified as textual types or genres.” (O’Shaugnessy and Stadler, 2012, page 231) Furious 7 follows is an action, crime and thriller. It carries on from the sixth instalment the films main theme is based on revenge. A man by the name of Deckard Shaw goes on a mission to kill one of the main characters named Dominic Toretto, along with any of his friends and family that get in the way of him doing so. The reason for Shaw’s revenge is because Dominic killed his brother, Owen back in the sixth instalment. This film is directed towards teenagers due to the thrill which comes along with the car chases, explosions, extreme stunts and weaponry used. This film trailer portrays more masculine characteristics than female this is clear from the objectifying of women which has been a common trait through out the whole series of Fast and Furious movies. This essay will highlight the ideologies of ethnicity and race while looking into the ideologies of masculinity. Various representations are expressed within the film, in order to better understand we…
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