Movie Review : ' The Rundown '

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The Rundown

After viewing the movie, The Rundown, the main stars of the movie are Dwayne Johnson as Beck, Seann Williams Scott as Travis, Rosario Dawson as Mariana, Christopher Walken as Hatcher, Edwen Bremner as Declan, Stephen Bishop as Quarterback, and Jeff Chase as Kambui. I would recommend this movie to people who like action- adventure movies. It was a very good movie with lots of action and it was a funny. Beck is my favorite character in the movie because he is generous and an excellent fighter without being armed. However, Hatcher is my least favorite, he’s cruel and greedy.

Beck is a highly paid retriever of vital missing things like jewelry, weapons, and people. Beck requests to open his own restaurant, because he is in huge debt, he takes the bounty hunter job. Becks last job is to find a mobster son, Travis Walker, a Stanford failure living in the Amazon. If Beck transports Travis home, he will receive two hundred-fifty thousand dollars. He could stop bounty hunting and open his restaurant with the money. Travis went to Brazil to look for El Gato Diablo, which is a well-known idol, which he could sell for millions if he found it. Beck hires a small plane which the pilot is named Declan. As Declan is flying in the Amazon he shouts some verses from the bible. Declan informs Beck about the rebels in the jungle who are cruel. The rebels hide out in the jungle. A small tavern in the Amazon, Travis ask Mariana a bartender if he could borrow her uncles

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