Movie Review Tyler Perry's the Family That Preys

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Tyler Perry’s The family that preys This is a good family movie that can show the viewer’s how some people prey on one another. This movie reminded me of the times my brother and I didn’t get along. It shows how different families are and how they treat one another. Sadly this movie also shows how family members can be so cold blooded. This movie duplicates real life situations where innocent People get hurt, family loyalty gets divided and couples end up in divorce. This movie is centered on two main couples and a few supporting characters. Chris & Andrea This couple is different than most in many ways. Andrea, the wife character is all about money and power and thinks only about herself. Chris is a hard working husband who…show more content…
They provide him with clean clothes, free meals and a place to wash up. When asked by her daughter why they do this for this man, Alice reminds her daughter Pam “You Never When You Might Be Entertaining an Angel”. Charlotte, Mrs. Cartwright finds out she has a problem that the doctor tell her about. The doctors tell her she had early onset “Alzheimer’s”. Without sharing her health information she asks Alice to take a trip across the United States heading west. She buys a 1959 Cadillac to drive on the trip. She wants to feel alive and have fun before the Alzheimer’s sets in. They travel through many states during their trip. While it’s her turn to drive Alice stops by a river and encourages Charlotte to get saved by being baptized in a river. Charlotte stops by a bar and has fun drinking and dancing, but Alice being a Christian doesn’t want anything to do with that stuff. The trip ends when Charlotte has an episode and Alice learns she has Alzheimer’s and wants to go home. While away Charlotte’s son William tries to stab his mother in the back and retire her early from her own company. This is a sad example of power and money being a priority more than family love and loyalty. William is definitely controlled by the secular world. Charlotte has a surprise her friend Alice has been buying stock from Nick, who although is now going through a rough time once was a stock investor for Cartwright’s inc. and William fired him. Nick, Pam and Alice attend a board meeting, the
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