Movie Review : ' Unforgiven ' And Oscar Clint Eastwood And Blazing Saddles Directed By Mel Brooks

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The Western Reenvisioned Two men meet alone in a dusty town, facing off in one final gunfight or there is a line of cavalry men on horses waiting for the Indians to crest the hill that faces them. These are two visions of the Western film that has long been a staple of this genre. There are those that see the Western differently and their interpretation is just as intense or thought provoking, even comical. Unforgiven directed and starring Clint Eastwood and Blazing Saddles directed by Mel Brooks are two such films that took the Western to another level and envisioned the wild west in a new light. Their versions still held onto the some of the true Western themes and revered the scenic visions of the frontier and the mystery of the immense landscape while changing the view of how a Western film should be filmed. Both directors reexamine the typical Western characters, reenvisioned the role of violence, while still celebrating the beauty of Western frontier. Unforgiven opens with what is typical from the Western, a conflict occurs, in this case it is a man trying to disfigure a brothel woman. Eastwood departed from the typical female in distress role from the schoolmarm or as John Cawelti put it, “the blond...represents genteel, pure femininity” (Cawelti 30), to a blond prostitute being the woman whose virtue is at stake. The young woman Delilah, played by Anna Levine although a prostitute, still is made to look innocent and naive as the pure women in previous…
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