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Welcome Back, Readers! I am excited about this "Unusual Suspects" installment because we have a mind-altering, time to reassess your opinion film! Do you have a movie in your peripheral vision? You hear about it, you want to see it, but you never see it?

Well, that is exactly how The Boston Strangler was for me. I should know better. My mother recommended it, and she has excellent taste: Robert Wise 's The Haunting, All 's Quiet on the Western Front, The Innocents, The Great Escape, The Naked Prey... the list goes on, suffice to say she never steers me wrong.

This week we look at The Boston Strangler starring Tony Curtis. My mother and I are not fans of rape, violence or torture. This film is like a news story, not the Grand Guignol. And yes, in case, you are wondering, Tony Curtis plays the Boston Strangler! I know, right? When you think of ideal actors to play a rapist and a serial killer, his isn 't the first name that comes to mind. But sometimes, the best choice is an unusual choice.

The Boston Strangler is a docudrama, following the Boston Police Department 's attempts to find and apprehend a real-life serial rapist and killer, allegedly Albert DeSalvo. DeSalvo suffered from multiple personality disorder, this fragmented reality combined with the mediated nature of news reporting creates a stylish dissociative thriller.

Before you let your imagination run wild with, "Judy, Judy, Judy!" Curtis cast-off his faux Cary Grant accent. According to his autobiography,…

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