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World Trade Center Karen Lee Satterfield 2012 CRIS 302-D01 LUO

World Trade Center 1

Introduction: World Trade Center Today I will review the movie World Trade Center by Director Oliver Stone (2006). In addition to a critique of the movie, I will discuss the nature of the crisis. I will suggest steps to alleviate the crisis, teaching skills and ways to develop
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This is when they see the confusion, and emotional turmoil of the people on the ground. They see people jumping from the building to escape certain death from the fire, smoke and dust that billowed from high above. Still not knowing the details, McLoughlin (Cage) asks for volunteers to enter the building with him. 2

Briefly hesitant, he got his volunteers; they set out to get supplies. As they were going in, wounded were walking out, there was an eerie silence among them. When they got supplies, they went in to look for survivors, the building collapsed. McLoughlin (Cage) was able to save 1 man, 2 were killed while he and Jimeno (Pena) were trapped under concrete slabs. The 1 man (Dom) that survived would not leave his friend, Jimeno (Pena). While trying to rescue him there was a rumble and Dom was impaled on a steel rod. The movie was shot now mostly of these 2 men trying to encourage each other while fighting off dehydration and going to sleep. McLoughlin (Cage) told Jimeno (Pena) not to go to sleep because he may not wake up. In and out of consciousness both men

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