Movie School Vs No Film School

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Film School Vs No Film School

So, you want to be a filmmaker. And you’re at that junction most young, aspiring filmmakers come to, except neither road is well lit and no one’s brought a map. When it comes to choosing between film school or the independent route, it can seem like all the directions contradict each other.

You’ll have read dozens of articles which shout at you the pros and cons, and you know them inside out. One will tell you “school is too expensive, spend your money on a camera and just start filming”, while another reminds you that your camera will be redundant in a year so you should invest your money into an education that will never become outdated. While these articles really are worth a read and will tell you some important truths, when it comes to finding out what’s right for you, it’s only you you should be asking. So instead of listing all the features of each option and tallying the points, here are some thoughts on the traits you might have, and the corresponding road they could lead you down.

Where do you find your motivation?

When you exercise, do you do it on your own, or with a friend? Or perhaps a better question is, do you exercise at all? If you often struggle to motivate yourself then the harsh truth is this; the independent route could stifle your filmmaking career before it even has the chance to start.

For all its flaws, and there are many, what the education route provides by definition is a group of fel-low creatives who are all…

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