Movie Sex And The City

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The romantic comedy movie Sex and the City was centered on four main characters. The story was told in the point of view of the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. For the purpose of the concept analysis paper, we were told to evaluate possible characters who may exhibit possible mental disorders. According to MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary (2015), a mental disorder is define as the disorganization of emotions, personality, and mind that have a serious impact on the normal psychological functioning of a person. There were several examples presented in the movie, however three characters revealed the most examples of a mental disorder. Movie Plot The movie Sex and the City was based off the series Sex and the City, in the movie began 4 years after the series ended in New York City. Carrie Bradshaw is the main character and the narrator for the movie and the storyline is based on her and her three best friends, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones. Carrie Bradshaw has been in a long term relationship with Mr. Big and they have decided to live together which turns into getting married. Carrie begins to plans her wedding accompanied by the help of her four best friends. Along with helping Carrie plan her wedding her best friends have lives and problems of their own. Charlotte York and her husband have recently adopted a child after realizing Charlotte was unable to conceive. Later in the movie Charlotte actually becomes pregnant and is able to birth her own child.
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