Movie Special Effects

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Special effects play a huge role in the film making and the movie industry. It has transformed throughout the years from silent films to huge explosions and animated characters. I agree that without special effects, the viewers would lose concentration and the story line would be lost. I personally enjoy movies with effects because it creates something more than just a movie. It gives you a chance to become engaged and the ability to feel as if you are with the characters and their experiences throughout the movie. Special effects would not be where they are today without the help of advanced technology such as the computer. From past films to present, you can see the transformation in the effects by the use of animated characters and…show more content…
As time continues and evolves, movie lovers standards change as well. In order to keep up with their needs, movie producers need to contribute and exceed their boundaries as well. Each movie that is produced to the public has raised the bar more and more. I like how you added the 3D effect because this has emerged from special effects and gives the audience an experience like no other. I saw the movie Space and I have never seen a movie like it. The whole movie took place in outer space and showed the difficulties within the spaceship. The story line was intense and left you on the edge of your seat, but what really made it stand out was the use of 3D imagery. It definetly showed me a different side to movies and was left wanting to see more films like that. It is truly amazing to see the work produced by film makers and producers. It is an art that is constantly growing and improving to give the audience a movie experience they will never forget. Agreed that without special effects, movies would not be the same. Special effects have become a necessity in the movie industry and has left us wanting more. In the future, I too see a huge a breakthrough and we will witness incredible movies made with advanced special
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