Movie Synopsis: 'Inception'

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Table of Contents Inception 2 Introduction 2 Synopsis of Inception 2 Explanation 3 Conclusion 4 Works Cited 5 Inception Introduction Some movies are based on philosophical themes that run through the whole movie and imply meaning other than those being visibly represented. Inception was also one such movie, directed and co-produced by Christopher Nolan, the famed director of Insomnia. The director's favorite theme to make movies has been dreams and we see the same in this movie 'Inception'. The director has taken dreams to represent the power of human perception and how it can influence the subconscious of man. The two main philosophical aspects that Nolan has tried to discover are "On being awake or asleep and dreaming" and 'reality vs. unreality'. The different characters of the movie shared dream space and once shaken in the dreams, the person got up from the deep sleep. Persons having dreams were only made to wake up either when they died in the dream and by kicking them in the dream. The thesis statement that will be defended in this paper is that 'human mind is capable to deception and making unreal things look real. Not only the subconscious of human beings can be entered into but also it can be incepted. By incepting into the dreams of other people, ideas can be sowed in their minds and thus, the unreality can be pitched as reality in others' mind. By accessing the unconscious mind, people masterful in this art can influence others". The commodification of

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