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Movie: The Last Supper The Last Supper, by Dan Rosen, supposedly dares to take on deep subjects in a vein of sarcastic humor. But, what it says is that liberals, because of their belief, have the right to pass death sentences on opponents. The story was amusing at times and there was some comedy in the film, but it didn't really go anywhere. The most famous actor in the film was Mark Harmon, and they showed him for about one minute, before he got killed. The movie takes place in Ames, Iowa. The film is about five liberal graduate students living together, (three males and two females) that enjoy inviting different guest over every Sunday for dinner. The students indulge their sense of superiority by inviting…show more content…
Their next guest was a Priest, who really thought that the gay movement was wrong. The priest believed that being a homosexual was really a disease and that AIDS was the cure for this disease. They quickly poured him a glass of poisonous wine and he was killed soon afterwards. It became sort of a game because the guests wouldn't even make it to the salad before dying. In total they had killed about eleven people including a seventeen-year old girl who was against the distribution of condoms and the teaching of sex education in high school. I think that at this point they all have realized that everything has really gotten out of control. The director seems to miss out on a few flaws that I observed while watching the film. When the trucker breaks one of the student's arms, nonetheless, you see the student with a cast in the following scene. The scene after that you see the student using a rifle and playing a game called skeet shooting. That is where a disk is thrown into the air and the person with the rifle attempts to shoot it down. In that particular scene he doesn't have a cast on his arm. Two scenes later you see the same student playing a game of skeet shooting again and all of a sudden he has the cast on his arm and he is firing the gun just fine. Did the director forget to observe that scene? I guess it was such a low budget film that they could not afford to hire some professional editors. The

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