Movie, The Marriage Counselor, By Tyler Perry Essay

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Filmmakers have it rough. From making picture perfect movies under a tight budget to editing screenplays, directors have no time to sleep as they have to refine their movie masterpiece. But, how will they deal with unwarranted hatred towards a certain part in their cinematic creation? The answer is straightforward: do not do what Tyler Perry did, which was writing a hasty and offensive open letter. Tyler Perry’s “Kim Kardashian in the Marriage Counselor” was a response from the backlash he received from critics and fans for including the controversial Kim Kardashian in his film, The Marriage Counselor. Unfortunately, his attempt to convince the audience his reasoning in his open letter was unsuccessful because he mocks his target audience, which violates the ethics appeal; forces people to watch his movie, which is an emotional contravention; and offends his audiences by utilizing hasty generalizations instead of logical appeal to make an effective argument . In response to questions regarding Kim Kardashian, Perry immediately loses their trust by berating their characters. In an attempt to prove his argument is effective, Perry inputs a brief anecdote about how he was victorious in persuading the opposing member why he included Kim Kardashian in his film. Yet, the details he includes in his short story such as how the elderly woman asked “‘I want to talk to you about Kar-Dat-Cha-Nem’” degrades his supporters. Although it is subtle, Perry committed an ethical fallacy by
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