Movie Theater And Choosing A Seat

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1. When walking into a movie theater and choosing a seat, the appropriate interval all depends on how full the theater is. When a person pays for a movie ticket, they understand the possibility of not receiving the ideal seating. Most movie theaters operate on a first come first served basis. In my estimation, the appropriate spacing between people at a movie theater is one seat. I don’t have a problem sitting next to a stranger in a movie theater with one seat separating us. I understand sometimes sitting next to a stranger in inevitable, I have had to do it many times. Movie theaters become very dark once the movie starts, which causes people to feel uncomfortable because they are vulnerable without sight.
I feel that the appropriate
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Most people are not going to be able to experience wizard magic, space, or getting stuck on a sinking ship. A lesson can be learned from any situation, whether it’s what to do, or not to do. Another positive is that movies teach diversity. These popular commercial films are full of different ideas, people, and elements. When people watch diverse movies, it allows them to become more open and accepting in our everyday lives.
A negative aspect is the violence that is included in these movies. Children and teens have seen these movies and get the ideas in their heads that it is okay to emulate these actions. Young minds are malleable, which could lead to different problems in the future of these young people. Another negative aspect of these movies is that they distract from life. This could also be a good thing because people need breaks sometimes, but we can’t be distracted all of the time. If we had a choice between working and entering a world unlike our own through movies, most people would probably choose to be somewhere else mentally.
3. I chose the very beginning of the Bourne Identity (2002) to look for camera techniques because this portion of the film will be the first seen by the viewers. In the opening scene the viewer is underwater looking up at Jason Bourne floating on the surface of the ocean. I feel this camera angle was employed by the filmmaker to show the audience that Jason Bourne is not a bad guy. We do not know who Jason is at
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