Movie Theater : The Film Theater

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Throughout history, humans have always been able to connect over one thing: entertainment. Whether it is music, theater, or art, entertainment has always been able to help people cope with their lives and make sense of the world around them. In the early 1900s, a new type of entertainment emerged, the motion picture. The first movie theater opened in 1905, in Pittsburgh and showed short films. Since then, films have been a huge part of society. However, what made films so successful, was where they were being showed. The movie theater gave a certain magical touch to the movie that encouraged everyone to come see a film for themselves. In Chicago especially, movie theaters were extravagant and ornate, and were referred to as “Movie Palaces” because they were so grand. The importance of movie theaters throughout history is a topic which exhibits all three E’s in Chicago for the 2015-2016 Chicago National History Fair. It depicts the first “E”, “Exploration,” with how the movie theater companies explored different ways to attract customers from all backgrounds in Chicago, even through difficult situations. The second “E”, “Encounter,” is shown when the theater owners realized that seeing a movie can be an escape for many people during hard times and an inspirational experience through the exotic architecture of other cultures. The final “E”, “Exchange”, is represented through the exchange of information from the movie theaters to the people with architecture from all over the
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