Movies Control: Sex and Violence

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Nowadays, the media has a greater influence than ever on what the public believes and accepts. Research shows that the amount and realism of violence and sex in movies has skyrocketed, influencing the views of our generation. However, little to no attention is placed on the effects of movies on our views of racism, sexism, classism, and heteronormativity. Before watching a movie, you can get a general idea of how much sex and violence it will contain, in order to decide if it is appropriate for you. However, how can one tell if a movie is too racist, sexist, classist, or heteronormative for his/her viewing pleasure? What makes a movie racist, sexist, classist, or heteronormative for certain audiences, and not others? My take on the Motion…show more content…
A PG-13 rated movie would contain examples of institutional classism (e.g. food deserts in low income areas) and prejudice towards the poor. However, it would not contain derogatory language directed toward the poor. The use of at least one homophobic slur (e.g. faggot, queer, dyke) would demand a PG-13 rating. An R rated movie contains excessive amounts of racism, sexism, classism and/or heteronormativity. It would include excessive use of racial slurs and intense visual examples of racism. It would have fewer than two named female characters. If any were present, their sole purpose would be to fulfill the needs of a man, or to fulfill gender roles and stereotypes. An R rated movie would contain both institutional and individual (i.e. personal prejudice based on class) classism, as well as the use of derogatory words (e.g. white trash, redneck, ghetto). The movie would contain strong depictions of homophobia, and bias against same sex couples. It would also contain excessive use of homophobic slurs. This rating system can easily be applied to modern day films. For instance, the movie, the Dictator, would receive an R rating in multiple categories. The movie is very racially charged, and would receive an R for racism, due to its excessive use of racial slurs and intense visual examples of racism. It contains a scene where a man comments on his hatred of Arabs, Blacks, Jews and
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