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ISYS3015 Analytical methods for IS professionals

Semester 1, 2005

Assignment One
Due on: Apr. 14 before 12:00pm Deliverable: A printed project proposal Submit: to the locker marked with “ISYS3015 assignment 1” in Madsen building
School of Information Technologies The University of Sydney

Preparing a project proposal ( 20% )
1. TASK Write a project proposal of between 1500 and 2000 words (approximately 5-6 pages) based on a given topic. Your project proposal should contain the following essential items1: Essential Items Title Background Description Your first attempt at the title; it should convey the flavor of your project, without turning into a multi-sentence description Try to explain the overall aims of your project;
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You don’t have enough time and knowledge to develop those two parts at this stage.


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ISYS3015 Analytical methods for IS professionals

Semester 1, 2005

2.1 Option One

Information System project course (ISYS3027) has been running for several years in the School of Information Technologies. In this course, students are required to form a group of five or six to complete an Information System project either given by the course coordinator or proposed by students themselves. This course has successfully delivered lots of high quality products to internal or external clients. Yet a constant problem experienced by many students involved in the project course is the group communication. In the past, each group individually developed unique communication styles, for instance, some groups set up discussion board to exchange ideas and progress, while others used simple email message for the same purpose. The style usually evolved along the course of the project; with some groups eventually find the most suitable ones in the middle of the semester. It is possible for some group to experience the insufficient communication problem through out the whole course. Lack of communication always ended up with two group members performing the same task or some task being left unattended. To solve this problem, the
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