Movies That Capture Our Hearts

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There are many lines in movies that capture our hearts. Mark in “Love Actually” does not even have to speak as he stands outside the door with a sign that reads “to me you are perfect” or a number of lines from the great romantic classic Casablanca such as; “We will always have Paris”, stating that they can both hold on to the amazing time that they spent together in the past. The visual effects of movies such as Anna Karina and Water for Elephants, captures the hearts of the viewers with not only the amazing costumes and scenery, but also the love that is displayed on screen. These are the kind of movies that make us smile and capture our hearts, so easily in fact that one might not see the connection all of the above movies have. The love stories of all are ones of infidelity, yet that does not change their category. While the media may frown on adultery, the depictions that are often shown are ones of love, which challenge the view to look past what is the stigma and more into their very soul. The viewer, in most of the examples, finds themselves rooting for a romance that they never would have seen themselves being happy about before viewing the film. There is no reason, however, to feel bad about rooting for two people to end up together, even if one is married. It is not so different than revenge movies, no one walks into such movies hoping that the main character will kill a lot of people but they soon find themselves entangled in the feelings they are seeing on…
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