Moving : A Quick Survival Guide

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Moving: A Quick Survival Guide Change happens everywhere, every time and to everyone. Globalization and technology are leading people and organizations to move in a constant pace and faster. The United Nations’ International Migration Report (2015, p. 2) reported the following: “In today’s increasingly interconnected world, international migration has become a reality that touches nearly all corners of the globe, often making distinctions between countries of origin, transit and destination obsolete. Modern transportation has made it easier, cheaper and faster for people to move. At the same time conflict, poverty, inequality and lack of decent jobs are among the reasons that compel people to leave their homes in search of better futures for themselves and their families.” The idea of “brain drain” was used for a long time to describe the migration of human talent to rich countries. In the twenty first century this term has evolved to “brain circulation”, which describes mobility as a two way movement of students, professionals, and specialized workers looking for new opportunities in a globalized world (Solimano, 2008, p. 2). In this context, adaptation becomes a very important skill that can help people to survive and establish themselves successfully in a new environment. The present report provides a quick and simple analysis about why people move and what the moving process is about in terms of adaptation. It compiles some strategies, thoughts, and tips to make a
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