Moving Again

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“Moving again?!” I exclaimed. My mom had announced this at the end of the month of February. Throughout my fourteen years of life, I could not keep count with my fingers of how many times we have moved. On the other hand, I understood her decision to move from Birch Bay to Bellingham. Besides, my brother and I were going to school there and all our friends were there, too. Not to mention the drastic change in our family’s way of life, after a couple of months of hauling us from one place to another, on top of my mom working a full-time job, everything was way harder for her especially now that she is a single parent. One late night during one of our many hauls to home, I was suddenly awakened from an emergency maneuver my mom made to…show more content…
Renata and I looked at each other, we were terrified! We thought that someone was trying to break into the house. As petrified as we were, we wanted to know what was going on. The curtains by the window were shut and anyone or anything could be out there causing the scratching noise. We started arguing on who would open the curtains to check what was out there. Finally, I stepped up and took the courage to check it out. Besides, this was my house. Mortified, I was shaking as I pulled the curtain swiftly. Renata and I both screamed! We had not even seen what was out there, but we were just really very scared. My Mom woke up and rushed into my room very worried, causing my brother to wake up, too. Then, we checked on what was causing the commotion outside the window. There wasn’t really a person at my window, it was a cat! Renata and I started laughing so hard to find out that it was nothing to be scared of, my Mom and brother were wondering what was going on. So, we told them what had happened and then we all started laughing. Our master evil plan went down the drain: to sneak out again without waking anyone up. It ended with waking up the whole household. And….nope! We absolutely did not tell my Mom that we were trying to sneak out. Oh, my word! We did not want to be grounded. Another comical happening that I would always look back and perhaps tell my children about, but not when they
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