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My memory that I am going to transfer to you is one that I remember everyday. One that I want you to know about. One day while I was getting ready for school, I felt an unsatisfying itch on my arms, legs, hands, and feet. I was surprised and I immediately started scratching as hard as I can. It felt really good and I quickly finished getting ready for school and I noticed something weird. There were millions of tiny bumps on my arms. I didn't think it was a problem so I went downstairs and went into the dining room where I past my table and a couple chairs so I can get to the closet that my family had that goes downstairs. I got my backpack with my white socks and with my red Levi's shoes and I closed the closet and I went to my living…show more content…
How did I not see that? I must've skipped it on accident when I was getting my stuff from the closet. I went to the chair and I picked up my jacket while I still had my shoes, backpack, and socks. I went back to the living room and sat on the couch. I put on my socks and then my shoes. And all of a sudden the itching came back. I started to scratch again and after I was done, I got up from the couch with my jacket still on the couch. I past the dining room to where the stairs are and I yelled to see what my sister´s doing.
¨Ahliyah! Are you ready for school yet!¨
¨not yet!¨ she said.
“What is she doing”, I whispered to myself.
I went to the dining room again to put my jacket on and I picked up my jacket and passed the couch to go to the computer. I turned it on to check the time. It was 6:50 on the bottom righthand corner of the computer. My brother was still watching youtube on the xbox 1. I put on my jacket while I was on my way to the stairs to see what my sister was doing. As I was walking up I heard a TV on. I went up to investigate what was going on. I opened my sister’s door and I found both of my sisters watching TV instead of doing what they have to do.
“What are you doing”, I
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