Moving Back To College

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At sixteen, I packed up to move back to my hometown of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Deciding to finish out high school while living with my favorite aunt. I graduated with honors, I then decided to go off to Pearl River College. In high school, I had a serious boyfriend, we did everything together from fishing at the docks, to attending all the hottest parties. He was my best friend and going off to college where we couldn’t be together felt like a big dent in my heart. Being so in love while in college was more than a challenge. We went from seeing each other every day to seeing each other every weekend or every other weekend. School was the last thing on my mind. Depressed, lonely, all my time was spent in my dorm room. By the end of that semester without trying to succeed in school, I flunked out and quit. My aunt did not accept me leaving college. Not even a month later, I received the most shocking news of my life “YOU’RE PREGNANT”. So many emotions hit me all at once. Immediately we told his parents, shockingly I got no negativity from his family. It didn’t take my…show more content…
The love for my family is still there even through all the judgmental things, they only wanted the best for me. Twenty-three more than independent is what family can call memory now. In my opinion, having children at a young age motivates you more in life than you can think of. The first few months of moving always thinking if a tire was to blow out on this highway who could I call? The negativity in my head almost got to me. Seven months later I’m still here, still loving the city, but no longer crying. God got me and hasn’t brought me this far to fail. Back in school and so happy with myself, all in all what I’m saying is never doubt what you can do. Going through tough times and can make you or break you. Surprising my entire and went all the way out the box to do what everyone said I
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