Moving Beyond A Standard Education Plan For Integrating Research

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Moving beyond a standard education plan for integrating research results into existing curricula, this proposal emphasizes a proactive effort to offer next-generation engineers an interdisciplinary training experience by using the proposed research of low power intelligent sensors. This education plan is targeting high school students and middle school teachers, as well as students from minority groups. Some planned activities have been explored by the PI with very positive feedbacks and evaluations.

The background is based on the premise that future academic and industrial projects will require engineers to adopt a system level perspective and work with interdisciplinary teams [129]. Accordingly, current engineering students are expected to have system design experiences, and the ability to prototype demonstration systems, and also be able to communicate with engineers working in other areas, as well as identify potential market demand based on available technologies [130]. To date, this type of experience has not been offered sufficiently in classroom lectures and laboratory sessions [131]. Presently, our pedagogical practices tend to focus on conveying technical knowledge rather than giving students experience in system development [132]. The proposed research is uniquely cross-disciplinary in that it includes both fundamental circuit design and signal processing techniques, and this cross-disciplinary approach can be adopted in various ap- plications. Taking into
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