Moving Beyond Borders Research Paper

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Moving Beyond Borders
A journey across one of the driest deserts was the stepping stone for me to kickoff my life. At the mere age of three my parents and I went forward and traveled to the United States of America. Living most of their lives in Mexico and in Mexican culture the transition was quite intimidating. Travels can lead to many scary situations, but as time pass through fear ceases into the creation of a new life . The Voyage began with my parents becoming high school sweethearts, I of course was not born until a years later. Love sprang up in the middle of their high school period of life and continued. After their many years in high school they preceded to begin a life together and as soon as they had the chance they pushed
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A feeling of emptiness made me think, think of thoughts which thought by themselves. Soon I realized a reason for problems, and why they happen, and how to prevent them, and why for some reason I was there. 6th grade was the grade that when every teacher conference rolled by my problem with talking in class, was gone from previous years as well as grades. I knew that I was there to succeed. My parents gave an arm and more maybe a leg to bring me here. It was not just to find a job, but for me therefore I had a job of my very own. To becoming teachers pet and more which I did become and so, they yelled "Teachers pet!" So? I got to run errands to the office all day every time. Today, that journey across borders created who I am. My parents gave all their effort to work to where now they can support a family of five, I have my own single room and many luxuries in it that all have great significance to me as work was done from the start to achieve
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