Moving Canadian Governmental Policies Beyond A Focus On Individual Lifestyle Essay

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In order for health promotion to achieve its goal, programs that promote and support change have to be implemented before individual health issues arise. The individual based treatment and lifestyle programs that are predominant in Canada often do not contribute to social change and have limited societal effect. The paper by Alvaro entitled “Moving Canadian governmental policies beyond a focus on individual lifestyle: some insights from complexity and critical theories” argues that Canadian health policy is focused on promoting individual lifestyle change and neglects, or to a lesser degree overlooks, societal and economic issues, both of which are factors prevention programs consider. Alvaro argues that governments should refocus their efforts towards programs that remedy societal and economic issues that affect health. This argument is made by referencing reputable studies and sources, employing logical reasoning, and addressing issues that may evoke an emotional response in the public.
First, Alvaro is unequivocal in her argument, which is supported by numerous research studies. Her paper was funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research which is the Government of Canada 's health research investment agency (CIHR) which indicates the relevance and importance of the issue to national health. Alvaro references research published in peer reviewed sources that appeals to ethos such as the International Journal of Public Health, the Canadian Journal of Public Health and
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