Moving Experiences

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Have you ever felt the pain to leave everything you loved behind and starting anew with no friends or places to go to? I moved numerous times in my childhood and not every experience were joyful for me. I don’t move into a mansion in the green hills of California and enjoy the beauty of the state’s landscape. In opposition, most moving experiences were months of torture for me. I had nowhere to go and no friends at my side, instead, I stayed in the house and searched for activities to do in order to prevent the boredom that slowly gnaws in me. Making friends and talking to strangers were hard for me; speaking Mandarin at home since I was a toddler did not teach me how to communicate well with strangers. The interaction I had with English was at school due to my…show more content…
Reflecting back to a middle school memory: I was talking to my classmate about lunch and he asked what I brought. I said “tortilla”, pronouncing the two Ls out loud. My classmate then laughed and told other classmates, “He said tortilla”. Despite the humiliation I was feeling, I kept quiet and submissive when they all laughed.
That memory brought me out of my cultural bubble that I was locked into. Gradually, my English skills improved as I engaged in conversations with my friends. The humiliation I had felt was temporarily; I had more confidence in doing many other things that I was once afraid of, such as presenting my thoughts in front of others.
One phobia that terrifies people the most is to speak in front of an audience full of strangers. I felt the fear of public speaking for the first time during my freshman year in high school. The nervousness of standing in front of an audience and the unease to deliver a speech that I have no confidence in. In school students are busy doing other tasks instead of listening carefully to a speech I give. However, at that time, everyone had their eyes set on me. The first
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