Moving Forward in the Future with Starbucks

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Moving Forward in the Future With Starbucks

Ashford University

BUS402 Strategic Management and Business Policy

February 10,2012


This paper contains a three year strategic management proposal to Starbucks’ board of

directors. The proposal contains, my company’s back ground information, examples of

previous projects, samples of current projects, and future projected earnings. My proposal

includes brief detailed information on the committed staff working for WillandSteph

Incorporated. You will see the dedication they can provide for the Starbucks Corporation.

This proposal will open your eyes to the limitless possibilities there are for Starbucks. It

will show you that taking risks and making changes
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The market has shown a decline in Starbucks stock. When our company followed your

Stocks trend, we noted a drop about $15 a share. This is a value you have been above

Since 2004. Also, looking at Starbucks’ SEC filings, we can see that its comparable store

sales have decreased significantly in US markets since 2004. This has prompted WillandSteph

to evaluate Starbucks’ current strategies in addition to the retail coffee market as a whole. To

evaluate the problem, one of the biggest questions to consider is to what extent is the “designer

coffee” market just a fad. In other words, will the allure of gourmet Starbucks coffee be

maintained or will more appealing options threaten the success of Starbucks’primary product?

If the designer coffee market is indeed a fad industry, we need to evaluate Starbucks’ possible options to avoid further decline. The overarching question that we should answer is how
Starbucks can stay profitable in the future. A good place to start involves evaluating the current market for coffee; from this point, we can gather information about market performance and determine the extent to which designer coffee appeals to current consumers. Through market analysis, we can investigate whether or not the demand for gourmet coffee is wavering. We will evaluate whether coffee companies in general are having trouble maintaining profitability or if it
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