Moving Into Good Places

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WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT UNIT 7 1. I think moving into good places is the nature of every beings on this planet. As we could easily observe the natural world, animal tends to move to place which is abundant in food or water, or a suitable environment for their survival and offspring. This theory is also true for people, especially we have a big deviance in living standard between nations. A living in India could not be as good as its in US. I wonder how many people want to live in India instead of US with a lot of goods and modern things. However, it will be a disaster if everyone moves to the same place and become a burden for local people. If this actually happens, I think even US will become a mess without control. Besides, the invasion of outsider like plants could destroy the ecosystem of one area. I remember a problem in Vietnam, my country. There was an invasion of red-nail turtles (I translate from Vietnamese, not sure if it is correct); they have dominated other species and become a threat to our crops. I…show more content…
I think the problem of food cannot be avoided in this era of global community. However, a document of food safety in general is somewhat we could reach. When we move our specialty around the world, there would be a strict process to handle risks. Whenever a country discovers a bad food, it should be eliminated to avoid spreading to other community. The developed countries should support those food suppliers in developing or poor countries to improve their production with their high-tech and machines (I think this is a two-side benefit rather than an investment). Besides, the health system should be improved by spreading nutrition materials for everyone. Education could also help to create a more conscious society, which will finally benefit its world citizen. Although measurements and steps could be done, we are not developing or evolving ourselves as do the virus. Therefore, a loss will absolutely happen; we just restrict the loss to the lowest
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