Moving School Research Paper

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When i had to move schools

Could you ever even think about having to move from your home school.Well I moved from my home school Chief Leschi to Frontier middle school. I was in the fifth. About to to middle school with all my friends.And I was so excited till my mother told me I was moving schools.I was so sad i did not want to move. Ever she tried to get me to move. She tried everything i would not budge. She even tried bribing me. Then me and my friends tried so hard to get me to stay but nothing would work. We very much wanted to fix what happening and we are still working on to fix thing to this day. I asked myself could it get any worse but it did she tried to say permanently.

But decently said no I can not be at frontier forever. All my
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There is preschool to graduate. All of those grades. But there was about of things that happen in the school because there are children that have thought about harming themselves due to bullying matters. There's also very much harming other. Are teacher snot that responsible it was that easy to just walk out of class.

But also at the time I didn't care. I just wanted my friends back. But I could not it was way to difficult I took advantage of all my time at that Leshi. And I very much regret it. But i never thought I would have that school forever. But life's does come with hurtful moments.
But sometimes we just need to work throw are problems or just give up. And I choose not to give up on this. There is some ant topic on this of what need to be fixed for years are people fought for this school and don't just want to see it crumble to the ground. We need are teachers to be responsible. We just need our old school back because it is affecting our life but we love our schools. So most of us would do the world just to go back. There are multiple people who are coursing some problems. We love our school but we want collages we want an education we want to be someone. This is fixable we just need
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