Moving Through A Train Essay

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actually are. The reality is the train can be much closer and going faster then we think it is.
A 100-car long freight train travelling 60mph can take as much as 1.25 miles to stop after an emergency brake application. Some passenger trains can travel at speeds up to 100mph.
And the train will not be swerving to miss us, should we be in harms way.
We probably have better odds of winning a lottery then surviving being hit by a train. Be a safety example for the next generations of rail fans to come. Others observing our actions today will emulate them in the future. Don't let them see risky behaviour.
Now let’s take a look at how we can be safe right down the line.
Chasing a slow-moving freight is fine, but forget about trying to chase a fast flying freight or passenger train. If we are going to chase, we need to observe the rules of the road. When we get to a crossing, should this be where we chose to make our photo, we should make a concerted effort to park so as not to obstruct other motorists vision of the signals and tracks and the trains approach. Think about which side we will want to shoot from and park accordingly. Also take into consideration that if we park on one side, and shoot from the other, we will have to wait for the train to move through until we can get to
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That most, if not all of those cars and the people driving them could care less about us and a train picture, so we should be extra vigilant should we have to cross the road. We don't need to make any waves with the public, because crap always rolls downhill and if somewhere in our travels along the railroad we cheese off the wrong person, and they call the police, rail fanning may get to be more difficult along this section of road and right-of-way in the future. Do you want to be that guy that caused the ill
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