Moving To Cameroon: An Experience That Has Changed My Life

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Moving to the United States from Cameroon is a meaningful event or experience that has changed my life, and affected the person I am now and who am striving to be every day. American too many developing nations is a place where dreams do come true, and land of opportunities, I truly agree with this fact because I am a replica of this fact. I came to the united states when I was 13 years old very sacred and shy as a person my dad told me my daughter I brought you to this country to make something better and good for yourself. In this country you can do anything you want to do but only if you set your priority straights and be focus. Coming to the United States is a one’s in a life opportunity to so many people and your friends backs home…show more content…
First by me acknowledging what I have is a privilege to wake up every morning and be able to go to school and get the best free education ever. Because some children back home in Cameroon don’t have such privilege, and are not able to go to school because they don’t have the money, or even have the materials needed in other to function. I am not telling my story based off what I read or see on television, but based off experiencing such a life too before. I know what it feels like for one to be sent home back from school by their teacher because they are not able to pay their school fees. In such moments you begin to question yourself, and the thought of poverty comes through you mind, but all you do is cry and feel deserted. Not only has my moving to the United States given me a better place for my education, but for the many opportunities I have seen come my way. Such as having the privilege of getting accepted and joining the International Baccalaureate Program. My most valuable accomplishment all throughout my high school career. To me this program thought me many lesson above and beyond, challenges my knowledge skills, and developed my thinking globally. My experience in the program will be a life learn lesson because I never gave up no matter how tough it was sometimes. Because I always remember life is a journey that I walk through every day. Not so many people get such
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