Moving To College

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Life is full of decisions, which are both easy and hard. My parents' stories of escaping persecution from a
Communist Vietnam, where there was no choice but to flee, have inspired me to take risks of my own. Currently, I am at a pivotal moment and desire to start the next chapter of my life. There are three main reasons for me to transfer to a new institution. They consist of gaining my independence, pushing my academics to new heights, and becoming knowledgeable in political science.
My parents gained their freedom when they moved to America escaping ravaged Vietnam out of fear of persecution, and risking their lives in lice-infested boats. Adjusting to America was tough for them and as a child of political refugees, I felt there was an intense
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If I am ever to fulfill that dream, I must take this necessary risk because dreams are not realized in a day, it is a hard fought pursuit.
My motivations of transferring schools have been fueled by multiple forces, but the need for independence is the most important. I went to California State University, Long Beach because it was next door and my parents pressured me to stay close to home. Over the last couple of months, I finally realized that I would like to carve out my own journey and not that of my parents' sole expectations. A new environment that is unfamiliar to me will give me the opportunity to grow as well as challenge me to adapt much more to social situations than my current situation at home. Attending a university with an active residential community will help me develop my own identity. This opportunity to live on campus will empower me to make my own choices and enable me to have personal accountability.
After spending a semester containing heavy course load, excelling in my classes, and being put on the President's list, I still feel there is a better opportunity out there. I know my academic capabilities can be pushed to a
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