Moving To Mars Research Paper

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Mars is our 4th planet in the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy, It consists of frozen water, but it's water is underground because the atmosphere that was there is gone, and it kept the water warm on mars, but since it the atmosphere is gone, the water froze into the ground. People are also thinking about traveling up to mars, and colonizing it for the future to live on for generations to come.
Though it could cost over five hundred thousand dollars to get a spaceship and the fuel to go to mars, it will still be quite worth it to do so. Elon Musk was one of the astronomers to be able to go to the moon in 1969. He states that "If he does not get to see humanity find a way to travel to mars in his lifetime, he will be dissapointed." (Musk)
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They already sent people to the moon, and they can send people to mars. Bill Nye (The Science Guy) Is a Scientist that had a show for kids to teach them about science. He also has said things about NASA sending people to mars. He states "If NASA is to reach the beyond the moon and someday reach Mars. It must be relieved of the burdon of launching people and cargo to low earth orbit. To do that, we must invest in a more commercial spaceflight." (Nye) What Nye is saying is that if NASA is going to actually send civilians all the way up to mars when they get the tests right is that they need to have the spaceships more of a earthy feel. Like having gravity, maybe make it feel like the civilians were inside a airplane, just to make them feel compfertable, and not stressed out, The secret organizations would only send the people they want to send up. Maybe NASA will let anyone onto the Spacecrafts and travel to…show more content…
Neil DeGrasse Tyson of the website shared thats, “Gamma rays could seriously harm astronauts once they leave Earth’s magnetosphere” (Jones). The magnetosphere is the shield that protects the Earth from harmful radiation, when astronauts leave Earth, they also leave the Magnetosphere, exposing them to a lethal amount of radiation, which will kill them slowly over time. NASA Should not send a manned spaceship up to mars because of how dangerous and radioactive it will be that the astronauts will get on the trip to
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