Moving To New York City Analysis

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Moving to New York after living in an anti-freedom, dependent and closed minded community for 22 years was the most encouraging thing I have ever made. Moving from one continent to another was a very challenging step to take, I think I am brave enough to do it, travel from overseas to an anonymous country. My journey began in December 2013 when I met my husband, we fall in love with each other and decided to get married and live together at his place in New York, - the city that never sleeps - the most overwhelming city, the city that is based on independence and hard work. The city that made me feel that I have to die trying not to die. My independent life started at the moment where Dubai airport announced that my flight to new York gate is open and I should go for boarding. It was the first time ever I leave my family, it was the first time that I had to carry my own back bag. I expedite to my flight that was about 36 hours of flying, transit, delays and waiting. Before that day I lived at my parent's house, where I had my own driver that drove me anywhere I want…show more content…
I met people from different religions: Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Catholic. All people were standing in line waiting for their journey to being in the big city, each one of them had their own style of dressing according to their culture, they all had their own language, it was amazing, I felt like I have just woke up from a dream that lasted 22 years. I felt that this is the time I will start to live the real life. Meeting people from all over the world in a very short time was a very encouraging situation that gave me a good impact to start my new
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