Moving To Overtide Short Story

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The family of four moved to Overtide when Elis was still a babe in the world’s eyes. Adam Fisker had been given a job offer and after weeks of debate and planning, he and Katja had made the decision to go with it. Move to Overtide. It was easy to sway little Elis then, but young Niklas wanted nothing to do with it. The elder brother hid in the tree house for days, finally coming in when a storm brewed.

Nick left betrayed: first a new child was in their family and now they were leaving their home. Probably forever. Never to return. Even if his parent’s promised to return during the summer, it was still forever. During the move it was Nick’s job to watch his baby brother and he did nothing to hide is disagreement with the role. At least his baby brother didn’t cry much and
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He was still at the top of his class with Hanayo and participating in a few groups, but he mostly kept to himself. Even the kids that were constantly baiting him into fights couldn’t get a rise out of Elis. Hanayo took his place and they quickly stopped bothering the group.

Days were spent in comfortable silence from Elis when they were together. He’d lean against James’ broad back and listen to Hanayo try and tutor Barry. When she would get annoyed she’d switch to her native language and tutor him just to annoy the boy. At the end of the day it was James that Elis walked home with, the two living in the dorms together. It was James that was the best company Elis could find, his friend never pried or tried to get Elis to talk.

It was in the quiet nights that as the fair teen stared up at his ceiling with sleeping slipping from his grasp, that he questioned everything. Why he was still in the school? What he was going to do next? What could he do? He avoided the truth that his brother broke his promise, that he never coming back and nothing would change
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