Moving To Public School

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A personal challenge that I have faced was moving from a private school to public school. At the end of the sixth grade, my parents told me that they are going to put me in a different school and a different school system. This started the dark period in my life. I didn’t know anyone in that school, and the academics were way different. The first year of public school was the hardest because I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t used to the system. This new change also included moving to a new house, and a new city.
On the first day of school, I was so confused and alone. I had no one to sit with at lunch, and I felt lost. I wasn’t used to the curriculum, or all the people I never knew existed. Townsend Junior High School was bigger than the small
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I told then everything that I was going through. The thoughts I had worried my parents, and they suggested to me that I should go see a therapist. I rejected their request, because I believed that it made me seem weak and I thought that I didn’t need help. Little did I know that was continually getting more depressed. My grades were not improving, and my parents starting yelling at me, which made things worse and made my self-esteem nonexistent. Eventually, they noticed what they were doing was not helping, so they decided to ask my teachers if I can get any extra credit work done so I can at least pass the class.
The work that was given me to make up and get extra credit on was harder than what I got in private school and I didn’t understand anything. At the time, I was too scared to ask my teacher for help and my parents didn’t know how to help. Then, my parents got me a tutor to help improve my grades. With the help of the extra credit, and the help of the tutors, I was able to pass the classes that I was failing, with a C. That’s when something clicked in my brain and I slowly go healthier and I was able to focus on
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