Moving To The World: A Personal Analysis

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As the son of a retired Senior Chief in the Navy, I have had the opportunity of living in and visiting many countries throughout the world. Living on bases in Japan allowed my family to travel easily to countries such as South Korea, China, Philippines, and Thailand. I experienced not only the varieties of cultures that existed, but also the poverty of third world nations. When I moved to San Diego, I made many friends who moved to America from Mexico in the hopes of a better life. I heard firsthand accounts of the evils of terrorism through my father, who was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Throughout the world, I saw and listened to the stories of those limited freedoms and oppressed lifestyles of people who had done nothing wrong yet were still forced to struggle with unfortunate circumstances. At a young age, I always pondered the differences between me and those who live in poverty and fear. I wondered why I had the freedom of speech while there are people out there who, with the wrong word, can get killed. I later realized I was blessed with inalienable rights and such because of my parents' decision to move to America from the Philippines. Through their efforts, I was born…show more content…
When we feel that a foreign power is threatening the well-being of our citizens, we take action. We have become the symbol of freedom and independence in the global eye, and we set examples for other nations. We uphold our ideals by taking down dictators and corrupt world leaders who abuse their citizens. However, there are still people, both of and outside our nation, who are limited by circumstances out of their control. Freedom is inalienable and should be a basic human right, not limited to just a select group of people. It is because of these issues that I want to attend a Military Service Academy. I want to protect the freedoms of those around me and liberate those whose rights are
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