Moving Towards Software Defined Cellular Essay

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Moving Towards Software Defined Cellular
Networks : An Idea A Solution And A Critique
Abstract—Since last two decades Software Defined Networking
(SDN) has become one of the prevailing topics in the area of networking. SDN pervaded from wireless to cellular and the reason behind its widespread application in various domains of networking is because of its ability to decouple control plane and data plane into two separate components, which provides automation to the network function and gives relief to the operator from manually configuring each network component. Its centralized SDN controller gives a global view of the network. So network visualization will definitely get better, which is profitable where co-ordinated decisions need to be made i.e. interference management in cellular network, resource management. SDN will also be advantageous in areas where network optimization is required with considering its global view of the network. Since last decade network traffic demand has increased drastically and our current network architecture is not evolving with this growth of traffic. The reason behind this non-adaptive network is the vertical integration of the network. With the advent of SDN adaptability issue can be resolved. Researchers will also get an opportunity to do experiments with the real network and the other benefit we will get with SDN is network virtualization.
Although there is some overhead with SDN controller, but on the
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