Moving Towards Using Cloud Storage

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Moving towards using Cloud Storage Majid Alsulami Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and Technology Contents 1.Abstract 2.Introduction 3.Aim of the Project 4.Objectives of the Project 5.Ethical Statement 6.Background and Literature Review 7.Theoretical Base 8.Hypothesis and Research Question 9.Research Method 10.Results and Findings 11.Conclusion 12.References Abstract The importance of data availability, mobility, reliability, security and so on, leads scientists to come up with a sophisticated technology that can assist users to manage and control their data. This mini project finds out the most factors that motivate users to move towards using the Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage is a term refers to an on line capacity that allows users to store large amounts of data. Further, Cloud Storage is the Information Technology innovation that grants users to backup, access and download digital data remotely using different devices. In this mini project, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Theory is used to see the factors that affect users’ decisions to use the Cloud Storage. Keywords: Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing, TAM (Technology Acceptance Model), Factors. Introduction It becomes a common thing that people have many devices as phone devices, laptops, personal computers, iPods and IPods. Further, they have images, videos, documents, music, files and so on, which are to be backed up and shared. Therefore, there is a need to
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