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Safety/Fall Prevention
Who needs to be concerned about safety?
Safety strategies to protect your bones are important for individuals of all ages. It is imperative for everyone to protect their bones and overall health by wearing seatbelts in any moving vehicle and by using appropriate protective equipment when participating in sports. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you may be more likely to break a bone as a result of a fall. In fact, most broken bones happen as a result of a fall. Falls happen for many reasons, most of which can be avoided.
How common are Falls?
Anyone is at risk for a fall, however, falls are especially concerning in the older adult population. 30% and 40% of community-dwelling men and women aged
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Select clothing and footwear with safety in mind.
A falls risk assessment is recommended as part of a routine medical examination for all older adults as well as for individuals with medical conditions that effect gait and balance. If you have a history of falls or or if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or fractures related to osteoporosis, it is imperative to speak to your healthcare provider about your personal risks for falling and about the fall prevention steps you should take to protect your bones.

1.3 When circumstances could lead to more injury, risk of head or spinal injury and if it causes danger to anybody. The person supporting the fallen/falling person should never put his life in danger or life threatening when intervening, ensure policies and procedures are followed.
1.4 When you are not open to danger or to others this will depend on circumstances ie when the person is about to trip, trip or fall. Example as follow:
I was assisting Mrs x who was not too well but Mrs x was fully mobile and only required assistance of one staff while walking Mrs x to the lavatory she felt dizzy and was about to fall I grabbed hold of her at once I shouted for more help.
2.1 When the person require minor assistance and the person is fully mobile ensuring there are other staff to help with lift. Example as follow continuity of 1.4:
When I shouted for help one of my colleague came at once, as

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