Moving your Body to Maximize the Loss

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My FOE philosophy stands for “Feet on Elliptical,” it is a mindset that incorporates a plan, or regime, that trains and tones the body by accelerating fat loss and increasing the metabolic rate. You’re not losing weight by taking days off from your routine, your heart isn’t taking a day off. Taking a day off at this stage is giving Bobby Fatz an excuse to creep in and pollute the mind, or cast doubt on your will power. Resist that temptation and develop a strong routine. 12 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Elliptical Workout Results Bobby stepped on the elliptical machine and began to move his feet in the circular motion; he occasionally slouches over the machine, keeping a nice steady forward rate, while hanging on to the stationary bar. Bobby chose to not use the moveable hand rails and he slowly continued for 30 minutes before calling it a day. I shook my head, “Bobby good work, but let’s go over a few items to maximize your time on the machine.” He looked over with a blank look on his face, “How did I mess up already?” In his best discouraged tone. “You didn’t mess up but you can get more out of the workout. Let me explain and show you.” 1. Take the time to get acquainted with the machine, its movement, its computer programs, and its capabilities. If you are at a health club ask for assistance and a demonstration from a trainer. If you are at home, or have access elsewhere, take the time to educate yourself with the machine. Explore the manufacture’s website for

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