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MOHAWK NATIONAL BANK Question 1: How do you implement change in a bank? In a traditional organization of Mohawk National Bank, the main problem is that there is no communication and cooperation between departments due to absence of a project manager, who could act as focal point for the integration work. For solving their problem Mohawk National Bank is thinking to consider a new organizational structure: matrix organization. The main obstacle of this project is the hostility at change of most of the employees. For overcome this obstacle Bank top-managers have to find a Project Manager that can motivate and convince people that this change it is important and necessary for Bank’s business life. The first step is to select the…show more content…
Jane Pauley). At least employees like to work with people they know and trust, because they have built strong interpersonal ties with many member of the bank (e.g. Chuck Folson) and they don’t want to change the actual situation. Question 3: Should the first group of project managers be laterally assigned? We don’t think so, because Mohawk National Bank needs participation of several departments. Only the first group’s participation is not enough to drive the project to success. Multiple departments should be integrated into the project in a systematic approach. Question 4: Should the need for project management first be identified from within the organization? Yes, because at the bank’s employees like to work with people that they know and trust. For that reason project management must be first identified from within the organization. Because employees are resilient to change, it is better try new positions in the direction of the project and after see the results decide if that position is suitable for them and for the project. If not they don’t approve of the position they can go back to their old position. Question 5: Can Project management be forced upon an organization? Project management can be forced upon an organization until when employees stop resisting at the change. In this case employees are resilient to change, so it is necessary a strong support from the top-management staff; they have to had a

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