Mozambique Is A Sub Tropical Country

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1. Introduction
1.1 General background information
Mozambique is a sub-tropical country situated in 1815S 3500E in South Eastern Africa with a land area of over 799,380 km2. The country is divided into ten provinces and 128 districts. Mozambique has about 36 million hectares of arable land (Gêmo 2011), and approximately 3.9 million hectares, which make about ten percent of the arable land, are under cultivation with ninety-seven percent cultivated by smallholder farmers(FAO 2005). Mozambique has 1.4 million hectares of arable land suitable for producing maize (McNair et al. 2012).
Most populations of developing countries rely on agriculture for their living (Hurley 2010), and more than 45 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s population lives under the poverty line (Jayne et al. 2003). In 2008/09, Pauw et al. (2011) estimated poverty in Mozambique at approximately 55 percent. Agriculture occupies 81 percent of the country’s population (Demeke et al. 2009). The livelihood of most Mozambicans is based around the farm plot. Ninety-four percent of rural households depend, in some way, on the land. On average, households farm approximately 1.4 hectares (Heltberg and Tarp 2002). Production of food staples is dominated by smallholders and is subsistence-oriented (Uaiene et al. 2009). Families sell, on average, 29 percent of their crop output and the average annual value of sales 447,000 Meticais (MT), equivalent USD forty, per selling house hold (Heltberg and Tarp 2002). Maize and…

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