Mozart And Beethoven 's Musical Origins

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Haydn began his musical career as a choirboy in Vienna up until the age of 17. Mozart and Beethoven’s musical origins are similar, both coming from families with musical backgrounds. Mozart’s father taught him and his sister before taking them to tour throughout Europe. Beethoven also studied with his father before receiving his study abroad opportunity in Vienna in 1792. After serving as a choirboy, Haydn found himself in need of a means to make a living. He was barely able to support himself as a freelance musician. Haydn’s first serious position occurred around 1757 when he became music director for Count Morzin. It was also around this time that Haydn began to write some of his first symphonies. Most of Haydn’s earlier symphonies were three-movement works (fast-slow-fast), somewhat like the Italian opera overture. Other symphonies were four-movement works arranged much like a sonata de chiesa. In 1761, Haydn began working for the Esterházy princes, spending nearly 30 years at the Esterházy court. He composed at every wish of the Esterházy princes; any work they demanded. Haydn’s duties included conducting, training, and supervising all musicians, and maintaining instruments. He built an orchestra of 25 players His time at Eszterhaza really influenced the success of his career; Haydn got to hear his work in excellent performances. Because Esterhaza was so isolated, vsitors would often keep him in the loop about music events in other locations. Haydn’s compositions…
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