Mozart, Don Giovanni Act I : Excerpt From Opening Scene ( 1787 )

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Don Giovanni Act I: Excerpt from Opening Scene (1787).
Don Giovani Act I: Excerpt from Opening Scene, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte. This opera appeared at the original National Theatre in Prague on October 29, 1787. Don Giovanni is a seductive but ruthless nobleman who will stop at nothing to satisfy his sexual appetite. Don Giovanni’s comic servant, Leporello, is a grumbling accomplice who dreams of being in his master’s place. In this excerpt the Don attempts to rape a young noblewoman, Donna Anna; her father, the Commendatore (Commandant), challenges him to a duel. Don Giovanni kills the old man. (Kamien, 2015)
Scene one and the opening scene, is Don Giovanni is attempting to seduce a woman Donna Anna, while his servant Leporello is keeping watch outside, but complaining of his position as a servant, in F major which is his main key, using a march rhythm. The orchestral introduction is molto allegro; with sudden fortes. The strings remain constant, creating agitation but moves to violas and second violas marking the end of Andante, transforming into an open Allegro. (The Metropolitan Opera Guild, 2016) Leporello sings in a light staccato comic aria, bass sings in a rapid fire patter and in one note. Moving to the next interaction, are lyrical passages ornamented, as heard in the two trios, Donna Anna with Don Giovanni in the form ABB. Both are singing alternative and then imitative lines. (Hung, J.,

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