Mozart and Haydn Essay

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Two of history's greatest figures in the development of Classical style music during the eighteenth century were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn. Both men worked together and were very close friends while living in Vienna. Between the two, Joseph Hayden and Amadeus Mozart devoted much of their music for composing symphonies, minuets, librettos, sonatas, concertos, masses, oratorios and operas. While both men achieved popularity and status during their time, they also discovered that success must be earned rather than freely given. While both men enjoyed similar success during their lives, their character and personal lives contrast one another as one developed a haughty spirit and died penniless after enjoying a life of fame…show more content…
Like Mozart, Haydn's talent was also recognized at a young age. According to Schneider, Haydn's cousin who served as a schoolmaster quickly recognized his musical ability and offered to take him to school to further develop his musical skills. After years of hardship and challenges that were thrown at him in life, Haydn's persistence paid off when, according to Schneider, his musical talent became noticed and he was offered the position of Music Director for Count Morzin. This eventually led to being offered and accepting employment with Prince Paul Anton Esterhazy where he became the Vice-Kapellmeister and later Kapellmeister. The Esterhazys, were a family of extremely wealthy Hungarian princes that Haydn would serve for the next thirty-five years. While serving this noble family, Haydn composed eleven operas, sixty symphonies, five masses, thirty sonatas, one concerto, and hundreds of shorter pieces. He later enjoyed more success and praise for what is now known as his London symphonies.
Despite his celebrity status, Mozart's life was filled with suffering. Although he had great musical ability, Mozart's strange dependence on his father and early fame may have led to his immaturity with others and with his personal finances. At a young age, Mozart's fame quickly spread as he was lavishly celebrated by all. Being fully conscious of his musical talent, an arrogant demeanor developed with many that he worked for and with. This celebrity status and

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