Mozart 's Requiem At The Seattle Symphony

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Every time I hear about famous composers, like Bach or Mozart, the names themselves put me to sleep quicker than any anesthesia ever could. So, it was no surprise that I absolutely dreaded the idea of seeing a piece written by any of these composers. I attended Mozart’s requiem at the Seattle symphony, I grunted at the idea of paying $38 for something I wasn’t even interested in. How dare they charge an absurd amount for something that was written before time itself? I took my seat and looked out at the sea of older retired couples and couldn’t believe this would be my fate someday. Ludovic Morlot was conducting for the evening, I have never heard the name in my life and only learned of it from the magazine I was handed before taking my seat. Morlot is French born musician, and currently the music director for the Seattle symphony.

Morlot started off playing the violin, but in 1994, attended the Royal Academy of Music to become a conductor. He first started playing for the Seattle Symphony in 2009, and would later go on to sign a six year contract with the Seattle symphony. As the lights dimmed, the musicians took their places and began playing. At the same time I sank into my seat and put my phone on the dim setting and began my quest to find something interesting on Facebook. The first piece consisted of only string instruments, and only about twenty musicians playing. The tone of the music started off slow and gentle. As they kept playing, I quickly found it harder and

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