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I am writing to apply for your Program Director position of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MoMS) program. I received my Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Materials Science from the California Institute of Technology, and then began interdisciplinary faculty positions at Vanderbilt University, University of Texas at El Paso from 2010, and New Mexico State University (NMSU). Thus far, my career has resulted in nine federal research grants as the Principle Investigator with total funding $1.75 million from NSF, Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, including an ONR Young Investigator Award in 2003. My scholarly work on advanced materials/mechanics/structures has resulted in…show more content…
From 2014, I am working on my own technology startup to develop cost-effective personal protection products for civilians due to increasing violence and terrorist attacks worldwide. Additionally, I have experienced private universities, state universities/minority-serving institutions. I feel that my diverse academic and industry experiences provide the breadth and depth of an effective NSF Program Director. Moreover, I feel reaching out to the broader community is paramount to any scientific endeavor, and is a fundamental focus of NSF. To this end, I have established a STEM outreach YouTube channel which started in 2007, and was one of the first few users and moderators on iMechanica (an open mechanics blog forum hosted by Harvard University) in 2006. 3. Capability to work across government agencies to promote NSF activities and collaborations I have maintained a 15-year research connection with partners in the Department of Defense (DOD), interacting with five DOD program managers (PM). They include the PM of ONR’s solid mechanics program (15-year interaction), PM of ONR’s ship structure program (12-year interaction), PM of ONR’s polymer composite program, PM of Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s (AFOSR) structural mechanics program (five-year interaction), and PM of Army Research Office’s (ARO) mechanical behaviors of materials program. I interact with numerous researchers at the
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