Mp3 Audio : An Important Leap For Apple

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Portable music players were becoming more popular as the market began to move away from technologies such as the CD. Mp3 audio was an important leap for Apple. The 21st Century saw the introduction of Apple’s iPod line with the innovative wheel scroll, fashionable look and ease of use. It made the digital Mp3 market the easiest way to acquire music (either by downloading from iTunes or elsewhere on the internet) and bringing your music on the go. The introduction of the iPhone has been the main driving force of the company. The first introduction of the iPhone line started in 2007, combining the iPod product and the mobile network into one. Prior to this, mobile devices were able to perform all the basic tasks of a computer, however were very business orientated and had a steep learning curve which rendered them quite difficult to use. This resulted in a very narrow target market which included mainly businessmen and those who were already quite adept to technology. Job’s saw this as the opportunity to expand the Apple company and introduce the ease of use and simplicity of the iPod into a mobile device. This increased the range of the target market to include people of all ages and all skill levels. Further expansion of dedicated Apple stores allowed new users to easily acquire a product with excellent customer service. The idea of one product for each application created a unique and exclusive Apple product experience. The release of one product each year for each

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